About our company

About our company

The International Law Firm «AUZEAC & PARTNERS» was founded in 2009 by Auzeac Sergey Alekseevich, lawyer in Moldova, a licensed lawyer.

Office located: Republic of Moldova, Chisinau, str. Alexandr Puskin 26.

The legal activity of international Law Firm «AUZEAC & PARTNERS» is based on the considering of the fact that our clients may have a necessity of being helped in different range of questions. But to afford a legal department is not always convenient form the financial point of view and it is also inexpediently, considering the bulky range of legal cases. That is why we offer you cooperation with out firm, where you will receive the full spectrum of legal services on the condition of subscriber payment.

Our company is represented by professionals, specializing in different legal services, such as:

• Recovery of debts.

•Taxation.  Valuation of client’s enterprise taxation or fiscal policy.

• Representation of client’s interests on economic, civil and criminal law cases.

• Consulting/advising/ in the sphere of customs law in collaboration with customs broker.

• Real estate transactions.

• Registration in the sphere of intellectual private law, including brands and industrial samples.

• Drafting of legal conclusions in different areas of law services.

• Representation of client’s interests in settlement of conflict situations/disputes with governmental bodies. Instructing in preparation and taking part in negotiations.

• Legal accompaniment of real estate transactions.

• Representation of client’s interests in judiciary/court system of Moldova.

• Legal support of licensing process of goods and services.

• Drafting of statutes/charters, memoranda, provisions, agreements; participation in joint-stock company’s meetings;  registration of emissions.

• Drafting of partnership and joint-stock agreements; elaboration of negotiations strategy.

• Legal support in foreign trade activity.

• Search of crediting sources and elaboration of opening credit accounts.

• Legal papers translation with notary testifying.

• Counseling in the sphere of Ecologic and Labour Law.

• Counseling of professionals possessing high qualification in different legal spheres.

• Guaranteeing of high quality, operative effectiveness and confidence.



The whole spectrum of services on business provisions:

1.  Legal consulting.

2.  Economic consulting.