Protection of Consumers’ Rights

International Law Firm «AUZEAC & PARTNERS» will professionally help you in settlement of conflict situations in protection of consumers’ rights:


Protection of consumers’ rights includes:

• protection of consumers’ rights in the time of getting tourist, medical, juridical, building, educational services;

• legal evaluation of the Seller’s actions and rendering of some aid in the settlement of conflicts;

• oral and written consultations on the matters of protection of consumers’ rights;

• regulations of disputes in extrajudicial order;

• assistance in organization of independent examination by experts;

• representation of the client’s interests in negotiations and in the governing bodies;

• carrying out of pretentious stage, drafting and brining in an suit into the court;

• direct participation in trials;

• working out of the draft of mutual agreement and its affirmation in the court;

• appealing against a sentence that has not yet come into effect;

• stimulating of execution procedure;

• interaction with bailiffs.