Registration of an Enterprise in the Republic of Moldova

International Law Firm «AUZEAC & PARTNERS» will professionally help you in registration of an enterprise in the Republic of Moldova.

The procedure of registration includes:

• Working out of the draft of your future enterprise Charter.

• Registration of the enterprise in the State Licence Chamber.

• Opening of a bank account.

• Manufacturing of the seal.

• Registration in the State Taxation/Fiscal Inspection.

• Registration in the National Bureau of Statistics.

• Registration in the National Company of Medical Insurance.

• Registration in the National Fund of Social Insurance.

Legally organized form of an enterprise as a Society with Restricted Responsibility (Ltd.) is the most optimum and popular form of doing business in Moldova. From April 22, 2014, according to alterations made in the present law, the amount of the initial capital of the firm is determined independently by its founders. It means that the initial capital nay constitute 1 (one) dollar of the USA.

Finally you receive the full set of legal papers (in case of necessity with notary testified translation and apostil) that is necessary for the opening of a bank account either in the Republic of Moldova or outside the Republic, including off-shore zones.