Legal Services


International Law Firm «AUZEAC & PARTNERS» also provides services on recovery of debts within the whole territory of the Republic of Moldova connected with:

1) physical persons on the basis of agreements: loans, receipts, property relations, labour executing, etc. (consumers’ debts);

2) juridical persons: services on recovery of commercial debts; B2B Collection (Business to Business Collection). The debtor pays the recovered sum to the creditor. After the money entered the creditor’s account, the latter pays us our fee in one per cent rate from the recovered sum. The period of debt recovering may continue within 1 to 3 months, during which the debtor begins paying the debt or recovers it completely. Client’s addressing to our firm in proper time has successful result in 70 % of cases and finally closes by complete debt repaying. In the case of recovering of debts of physical persons the mentioned index reaches 75% and even more. Debts recovering is founded on the combination of psychological, situational, legal and other methods of approach to the debtor.  Usage of extrajudicial procedures of compelling/forcing of the debtor to pay the debt allows to recover the debt with effective operativeness, saving client’s time and  means. To achieve such a result the company specialists carry out telephone negotiations, private meetings with the debtor, conduct correspondence with him, or with the other persons that are able to influence the payment of the debt. All that permits the debtor, directly or indirectly, to sign and pay his debt according to schedule time.

The procedure of recovering a debt consists of three stages:

1) Soft collection: After taking over client’s case of a debtor, we, as a rule, conduct superficial investigation, study personal/juridical information and financial position of the debtor, elicit his weak points. Then we generally contact with the debtor directly on the phone, or through mediators, lawyers, advocates, by sending letters, faxes or personally, that is then, on this first stage, we make every effort to settle the situation with the debt payment in a friendly manner (soft). For all that some psychological methods of influence and certain algorithm of carrying on negotiations with the debtor are used on the basis of collected business information about the debtor.

2) Hard collection: During the second stage under the threat of bringing in judicial actions against the debtor and applying the whole combination of administrative, reputational and other methods of influence, we persuade him to sign the paying off schedule. The majority of cases are successfully closed during this stage.

3) Legal collection: If our efforts are not success during the first stage, we try to evaluate the financial position of the debtors and of their assets. If, as a result of our investigation, we determine that the debtor has some assets, which could be used for the debt recovery and we could not achieve that debt recovery by means of negotiations, we are sure to inform you about that. We shall also inform you if there are, to our own opinion, any guarantees that the case could be regulated due to law-suit, and if it is the case, we shall let you know the whole costs and expenses you may bear. All this gives you the guarantee that all the time you will check your situation and expenses connected with such law-suits. The legal cost of our services on the representation of your interests in the court is rather lower than the advocates’ services, as our legal award also includes percentage remuneration from the debt received by you from the debtor after the implementation of the trial sentence! The cost of our award for the representation of the client’s interests in the trial are much lower than the  award of advocates, as our fee includes as well the percentage rate of 20% from the money that have been recovered from the debtor.